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Cycling America

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Cycling America

Two Aussies who have been cycling for nearly 8 months through Asia and Europe land in America next week.. we land in Boston and we're think of riding down to Miami, then flying to Costa Rica and riding north to Mexico City.
Any ideas on best routes south down the east coast of USA?
Anyone got any experience visiting New York? We'd love to visit, but is it a hassle with the bike?
And is Central America safe for a cycling tour?
Thanks for the tips!

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Congrats on a great trip

You'll have a great time.

Adventure Cycling has an east-coast route all mapped out.

NYC is a pretty bike-friendly city. Lots of bikes on the streets there. I don't know what it's like for a bike tourist.

Florida is considered one of the most dangerous states in the US to cycle in, although following the Adventure Cycling route you'll probably be better off.

We rode all of Central America and Mexico in our 2006-2008 trip ( We loved it.

The biggest problem anywhere in the world is getting hit by a car, and Latin America is no different. We sought back roads and enjoyed them.

As far as bike or belongings-theft in Latin America, of course you need to take care of your things and always have an eyeball on them, or have them in a secure place.

For personal security we never felt threatened. We did ask locally what roads were recommended and what areas were OK to travel in, and a couple of times in Guatemala and Honduras avoided roads.

You may be interested in some of the things we wrote on these subjects:

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

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Hello from Boston (the city, not the dog)


We are currently living at Canoe River Campground in Mansfield, MA. We are a family of six who spent a year a couple years ago biking Europe and have been location independent since, though not all on bikes. We spent last winter touring Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize in our van, and are flying to Guatemala this winter so we'd be happy to talk about our experiences there.

If you need someone to help "catch" when you get in to Boston, just let me know. We have two bike racks on the top of our van and could help you motor out of Boston. Tent sites are cheap where we stay, but you'd be welcome to set up here if you'd like.


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Hi Tony!
Nice to hear from you in Boston, although it would also be nice to hear from our dog - he never writes! :)
We would love to chat to you when we pass through Maine. We plan to spend a couple of days in Boston when we arrive (visit the city our dog is named after... and try to see something of the basketball team he is named after, though that could be hard in the off-season) but we'll be in touch about visiting you in Mansfield. Thanks for replying!

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Cycling America


New York City is amazing on bike, there are miles upon miles of bike lanes and bike paths. Most New York City public transit is pretty bike friendly as well during off peak hours. In New Jersey you can get from New Brunswick to Trenton on the Delaware and Raritan Canal trail. I'm not sure the best way from Trenton down to Philadelphia. I can get you detailed information on Philly to Wilmington, Delaware. Many people ride down the Del-Mar-Va peninsula which skips you around Baltimore and Washington DC, it's also more flat and very rural. Drop me an email and I can get into more specifics on the Mid-Atlantic portion of your trip.