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Website Update from Warmshowers Board

Thank you for your patience during the last week while we have been experiencing technical difficulties with both the main website and the app functions.  Below is a summary of what has occurred:

This week experienced a significant surge in the amount of activity, specifically from the mobile apps. In addition, the mobile apps were trying to connect into the website in a way that was causing errors with the private messaging functionality, which decreased the overall performance of the system. To remedy these issues, we have disconnected the apps from the website and are bolstering the security of every access point into the system. 

The security of our platform and access to reliable information remains a top priority at Warmshowers. For the time being, the apps will NOT be accessible.  Please go directly to our website through your browser to access your profile.

Do to the difficulties this week, we have extended the bike give-away for an additional week to ensure everyone has a chance to enter the draw.  There are two ways to enter:

  1. Any donation will be automatically entered into the draw.
  2. Mail a postcard to our mailing address (see below) and include your username on the postcard.  

Thank you to everyone who has entered the draw for a new Trek 520.  We are excited to be drawing a winner soon - entries will be accepted until end of day on Friday, May 24th!  

Our goals this year continue to focus on technology, security of the tech and ease of use. We are working to develop a sustainable plan for accessing a mobile version of our site and/or apps, to facilitate use on the road. We also have heard the concerns about the ability of cyclists to get ahold of hosts. We are working currently on improving categorizing users so that everyone can stay involved even if they can no longer host or tour. We have an incredible community network of hosts and cyclists. We continue to work to improve the ease of use of all of the technology and get it working well together and with the varieties of tech accessing the platforms.

We are excited about the enthusiasm in the community and the eagerness to get more involved by many. We are developing ways for people to help in our strategic objectives this year and into the future as we add nearly 100 new users DAILY!

The growth of Warmshowers community is incredible with 130,000 registered users. It’s a long way from a spreadsheet of 250 hosts. It means that we can all access hosts worldwide and create new friendships and connections. It’s a community filled with kindness and gratitude.

While Warmshowers continues to be a lean organization, the growth is forcing the organization to evolve. The donations received support the technology and enable Warmshowers to continue expanding.

 ~Warmshowers Board of Directors