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Reigning Kindness Podcast

We are joined today by Dan Beaumont. Dan is on an epic 4-month journey cycling 10,000km across Britain to raise funds for Mind Over Mountains.

At the time of this recording, Dan was on day 90 and about 7000km into his journey heading down the west coast of Wales. He was resting in the beautiful yard of his Warmshowers hosts, Catherine and John, who are feeding him well! Dan has stayed with many Warmshowers hosts along the way and says the theme of kindness has reigned throughout his journey.

After graduating from university, Dan left the UK and spent ten years working abroad in Romania, Germany, and Australia. Once back home, he decided to rediscover his country and thought, what better way to do it than on a bicycle. Initially, he planned to take his time cycling around the UK to see the sights, but then his mate Alex, the founder of Mind over Mountains, suggested he turn his ride into a way to help others.

Mind Over Mountains is a mental health charity offering immediate and accessible support through therapeutic outdoor experiences. They believe that time in nature, coupled with professional support, is a powerful way to build resilience and re-find stillness.

During his trip, Dan has learned some clear lessons of kindness and is amazed at the help he has received from total strangers. They have been there to aid with bike repair, meals, and places to stay or offer a smile and a kind word. Although he is riding alone, he feels like he has a huge support group around him. Patience is also something Dan is learning on this trip! Carrying everything you need for such a long journey will make you slow down and take your time.

Dan views this trip as a life journey and says so much has happened since day one. He has experienced many beautiful moments and believes that everyone would benefit from such a journey. Whether it be cycling, walking, or just traveling, take time out from life to experience all that is out there. Dan takes time every evening to try and capture his day in his journal, but sometimes it is too much sensory overload to get it all down on paper.

Dan is a data nerd and has developed a database to record the metrics during his tour. In addition, he has been doing some fun interviews with people he has met along the way. He plans to use all of this information and his journal entries to write a book after the tour is complete. His plans also include starting a nature retreat to help people struggling with mental health. Throughout his life, he has always turned to adventure and the great outdoors to heal and wants to help others do the same.

Dan’s advice to everyone is just to get out and go, but take one step at a time. Start small; an adventure doesn’t have to be huge or cross country to be an amazing journey. Use your time for introspection but also put yourself out there and interact with others. If you are hesitating, just go! You will not regret the experience and will come back a changed person. As Dan says, “one is greater than zero!”

You can follow Dan on Instagram at DanOBeaumont and learn more about his trip and donate HERE. Find out more about Mind Over Mountains and what they offer HERE.

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